Saturday, August 9, 2008

Superb week

Talk about an inspiring week. For the longest time I've waited for the invitation to a leadership conference in Chicago, IL. Little did I know that there are satellite locations in Houston! I was finally invited and I went happily (Thurs. & Fri.) and came out blessed beyond measure. Now my question is what to do with what I've learned. I'm curiously praying!

Then after the conference I came home to watch the most SPECTACULAR olympics ceremony! Amazing!!! Did you guys watch?

Tonight we celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. It is going to be a PARTY! I'm so excited about it.

There was some sad news in the middle of it. My great uncle, Pepe, died Wednesday morning. He had been sick. Tio Pepe was my grandfathers brother and was probably the funniest man I have ever met. After his death, we talked about the crazy stories he told and I came to the conclusion that the Valdez are amazingly engaging story tellers! He will be missed.

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Jessica King said...

Sorry to hear about your great Uncle. I saw the pics on your facebook of your grandma's party. That looked like a blast!
And congrats on the conference!