Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My version of Mr. Ike

Hi friends.

So here’s my IKE story:

I freaked out before the storm came – I think you witnessed that in a previous blog. I bought out aisles and aisles of HEB’s snack and nonperishable foods (enough to feed a tribe). I looked online every so often to check the progress and see if the Hurricane Center said anything different (I was practically glued to it, okay). I was hoping that the local news people were hyping it up. THEY WEREN’T!

Friday was a tad bit boring and it seemed as though the storm wasn’t coming. I was telling my parent’s that I wanted to go out into the street and yell, “Come already! HIT ME WITH WHAT YOU'VE GOT! HIT ME!” (ha – I would’ve never survived it if it actually hit me). That evening my family and I sat around in the back yard admiring the spectacular skies and the wind that was picking up a bit. I called it a night about 11 pm when the storm was there (not yet in full force) and not too long after I was up again. I was woken up by the trees snapping in half and howling winds. It sounded like a train or worse. My little cousin (3 yrs) describes it like this, “Mimi, there were monsters all in the wind.” Yeah – like I said, it was scary.

In all honesty, I was more composed than I thought I would be considering I freaked out so bad prior to the storm. My gramma was with us – and that helped me keep my cool. I’m not saying I wasn’t scared because I was! I think it would’ve been much worse for me if I didn’t feel like I was responsible for someone else’s well being. Does that make sense?

My grandmother handled it very well. My mother was absolutely HILARIOUS! If there only had been a constant video recording of her. She’s so funny! My dad slept through the whole thing! Aser would have been outside the entire time if we had allowed him to. I tried sleeping but was unsuccessful. Instead, I had Caedmon’s Call’s -
There’s Only One looping in my head. Tim laughed at the rest of us.

After the storm, everyone walked out of their homes as if they had been in bomb shelters. It was the weirdest thing ever! Once everyone saw that everyone else was okay, everyone got to work. This was the most neighborly kindness I have ever experienced in my life. All I have to say is that I love my neighbors! They are amazing! Everyone was helping each other – raking, cleaning, sawing fallen trees to pieces, sharing water & food, etc. It was beautiful! One of my neighbors went to a neighboring town and bought pizza for ALL of us! WHOA!

So the mess – there are still fallen trees everywhere. We lost two of them. There was no damage to my house. My parent’s house is also okay. It almost seemed like there was a bubble protecting the house. There are two trees that hover over it and the big honkin’ branches that should have fallen on the house, fell away from it. It was amazing. My grandmother’s house is also JUST FINE! There was no flooding even after the rain we got after the storm.

Things are not yet back to normal. Gas is hard to come by. Electricity is also out in a lot of places – thankfully not at my house (my parents are still staying with Aser & me). I dare not step into a grocery store where I imagine it’s crazy. I’ve heard that people have been fighting over LOAVES OF BREAD! Now why would you go into something like that knowing that people are at their wits end?

One of my friends is my HERO! I’m honestly impressed by her. Her house is near the coast and suffered serious damage. When I spoke to her last night she said, “It’s sad, but it could be worse. This loss is only materialistic and I could have nothing right now.” She is in good spirits and thankful that everyBODY is okay.

Something that I keep wondering is – You can prepare physically, but how in the world do you prepare emotionally and mentally? Is it possible?

Through all of this, I’m reminded that GOD is and forever will be good. He’s so good to us. Read
Psalm 29.

The Lord will give strength to His people; the LORD will bless His people with peace.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Okay, one last thing before I disconnect for a while...
Isn't it beautiful? Like Seriously - it's gorgeous!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling Better Already

Yay! We got my gramma's house in order!
And we've done what we can at my mom's.

The other girls backed down and they'll brave it in their own homes. Gramma's still coming with us. I'm baking stuff and have stuff to do until the storm is over.

It feels so good to know that everything is in place...

Now the actual storm. :o)

Preparation and Anticipation

Since the hurricane season started, I've been pretty "indifferent" about it. But this time the stress is building and I'm trying to remain calm. I am praying for God's protection and I'm preparing the best that I can.

Have you seen the size of this thing? No matter where it hits Houston is on the dirty side! My grandmothers house floods and we've planned to get her out of there TOMORROW!! Do you know how stressful I find that? Why not TODAY? LEt's get prepared TODAY!!!!

Last night, I went to the grocery store and bought a good balance of healthy and junky. On my way home is when things started to sink in! The city had a police lead caravan of charter buses headed south to help people evacuate. And they were also VISIBLY preparing for contraflow. When you can SEE the preparation that's going into it and then you see the size of this thing...It's a little scary. Just a little.

I know we'll be okay! I know that we will. I'm going to have a house full and I'm going to make it a party!! If things go as planned, My aunt, my grandmother, My cousin Amy and her dog, my cousin Rosy and her girls, and my family (there's five of us and 4 dogs) will all be staying at my house.

Here is what is stressing me out:
  1. I want to get my gramma's house ready TODAY and get her ready to come to my house (or wherever she chooses to stay) tomorrow morning.
  2. Being at work unable to get my house ready for guests.
  3. Having enough food for everyone.
  4. The traffic coming home tonight! Talk about Post Traumatic Stress from Rita.

Really, it's just the anticipation that kills. I think we're going to be fine in my heart of hearts.