Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going on a Bear Hunt

Have you ever gone geocaching?

This past Saturday, I spent the morning at the park for some much needed alone/regrouping time. While I was there, a boy scout troop came by for a while looking for a treasure. I suppose I didn’t expect that I’d be COMPLETELY alone. After all, I was at a park where practically every Houstonian goes to do some serious work outs, running, golfing, and GEOCACHING.

I’m not sure how much time they spent looking for this hidden treasure when I joined in the fun (I hope they didn't mind...I did my part too by letting them use my pen to sign their names on the log). I tell you what – it was delightful! I’ve now joined in the geocaching world at http://www.geocaching.com/ and you guessed it (there is an APP for that) I downloaded the app to my iPhone!

Have I ever mentioned how much I HEART scavenger hunts? I’m going to have to make time for geocaching!


Bunny trail: Telling you how much I LOVE scavenger hunts reminded me of last year’s lock-in at church (I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN"T BLOG ABOUT IT!). That was a blast! We played all kinds of games, met more people from church and yes – you got it…We did a scavenger hunt creatively named: THE AMAZING RACE! And if you care to guess again – yes! My team won! I perhaps was a bit overly excited but I seriously, SERIOUSLY LOVE scavenger hunts, throw in a little competition and I become a different person! Here are some pictures from that night.

The girls of the winning team!!
My favorite picture of the night!


Another bunny trail: RUMOR HAS IT...that there is going to be ANOTHER Amazing Race. And my Sunday School class is going to have a digital scavenger hunt! Pretty sure, I'll get a lot of hunting done before the year is over!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If you don't have anything nice to say, just say it in Spanish!

HILARIOUS. It came from one of my aunts.
The only downside to this advice is that most people, esp. in Houston at the very least understand the language. So, maybe it's best that you not say it at all (or learn to speak Finnish).

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thwarted Plans

This weekend, I was supposed to go with some friends to New Braunfels to stay at an amazing house, spend all day today at Schlitterbahn, all evening in a jacuzzi, and eat homemade ice cream and other delicious foods! However, plans on my end fell through and continue to. I'm not complaining though - no, not at all!

Today, I woke up and had breakfast with my dad. We both talked about how we were SO excited that my mom and brother Tim were coming home from their mission trip to Puebla, Mexico. It was a nice time. Then, I raced to Memorial Park, where my friends changed up the games a bit and instead of playing sand volleyball to old school sand lot style baseball. The fields we were hoping to use were locked up, so we made do with an open field. IT WAS FUN! Trust me - it was fun! Whew, I was drenched though! I took off wet clothes as if I had been in a pool, only it wasn't chlorine water...it was my SWEAT! Gross, yes! Oh but it felt great afterwords.

Most of us went to have lunch afterwards, where we talked about structural engineering (which seriously I don't know the first thing about, but Praise the Lord there are those who DO!), and books we've read/are reading. I got a call from my dad that my mom was home!! So, we finished up and I went home and gave my mom the biggest hug ever! I'VE MISSED HER SOOO incredibly much!

My family hadn't eaten so they were on their way out as I was coming in. I ran to my room changed my clothes redid my pony tail and hopped in the car with them! I had dessert while everyone ate their lunch!! Conversation was fantastic! (And I was still gross! ha ha!, but I wouldn't have missed this lunch with my family for all the world!)

We finally came home, and after getting cleaned up I took a nap! WOW - I need to do this more often! Sleep is good.

And of course, the Saturday dinner that I thought was planned for SATURDAY, was changed to Sunday lunch...and frankly no one is to blame and again I'm not complaining. Because if I were I'd be saying that I didn't enjoy my evening, WHICH I SO DID! My brother, Aser, has been telling me about this movie that he knew would be an instant favorite. So I took him up on it. My brother and I went to the movies and watched my new "You've Got Mail." Seriously, I love it THAT much.

His pick for me was Julie & Julia! GO SEE IT! It's perfect. It's directed by Nora Ephron also directed you've got mail. It's no wonder I love it so much...but seriously, it's perfect.

Someone not too long ago mentioned how all movies show couples when they finally decide to commit to each other and the end they live happily ever after. However, this movie is proof that there are movies of relationships AFTER they've made the commitment of being each others better half. That's the sub story though. The STORY is of Julie and Julia finding themselves in cooking! And it's truely worth your time and money.

And seriously, if you like food, love, and accomplishments then WATCH THIS MOVIE!

I've also got a new favorite song. I've been singing it nonstop since I heard it on Pandora...Enjoy.

And now I'm off to bed.
Good night!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

yes, it's august...

...and I honestly can't believe how time flies sometimes.

Here's a picture that reminded me of the carolinas.
p.s. I want a bike like that. Super chill.

This summer has stirred a lot in this heart of mine. It's hard to spit into words. Consider me mute...or something. At least, just for now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It doesn't cost you anything except for 45 minutes. And let's face it - this is your choice: spend 45 minutes blog surfing and accomplishing NOTHING or spend 45 minutes taking this "reasoning inventory" and just for taking the assessment Birkman gives $10 to a worthy cause.

Here's the Blurb:

MetroLIVE and Birkman International, Inc® are partnering to raise $9,000 for Star of Hope Mission and LifeHouse Ministry. Birkman International is in need of research data for their new Reasoning Inventory Tool and has asked for our help. In return Birkman International will graciously give $10 for each assessment completed by Monday, August 3rd (THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED). MetroLIVE will donate 100% of these funds equally between Star of Hope Mission and LifeHouse Ministry.

In order to participate you will need:
  • 45 min. of uninterrupted time & a quiet environment
  • Paper & pencil (no calculator)
  • Computer, web access, and the following site and code:
    Website: direct.birkman.com/bai/
    Authorization code: 46877322

Thank you for doing this survey!!