Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going on a Bear Hunt

Have you ever gone geocaching?

This past Saturday, I spent the morning at the park for some much needed alone/regrouping time. While I was there, a boy scout troop came by for a while looking for a treasure. I suppose I didn’t expect that I’d be COMPLETELY alone. After all, I was at a park where practically every Houstonian goes to do some serious work outs, running, golfing, and GEOCACHING.

I’m not sure how much time they spent looking for this hidden treasure when I joined in the fun (I hope they didn't mind...I did my part too by letting them use my pen to sign their names on the log). I tell you what – it was delightful! I’ve now joined in the geocaching world at http://www.geocaching.com/ and you guessed it (there is an APP for that) I downloaded the app to my iPhone!

Have I ever mentioned how much I HEART scavenger hunts? I’m going to have to make time for geocaching!


Bunny trail: Telling you how much I LOVE scavenger hunts reminded me of last year’s lock-in at church (I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN"T BLOG ABOUT IT!). That was a blast! We played all kinds of games, met more people from church and yes – you got it…We did a scavenger hunt creatively named: THE AMAZING RACE! And if you care to guess again – yes! My team won! I perhaps was a bit overly excited but I seriously, SERIOUSLY LOVE scavenger hunts, throw in a little competition and I become a different person! Here are some pictures from that night.

The girls of the winning team!!
My favorite picture of the night!


Another bunny trail: RUMOR HAS IT...that there is going to be ANOTHER Amazing Race. And my Sunday School class is going to have a digital scavenger hunt! Pretty sure, I'll get a lot of hunting done before the year is over!


shelly said...

my only question...who in their right mind doesn't love a scavenger hunts...they are only the BEST EVER!!

Chris said...

My husband and I have been geocaching over 3 years now. We absolutely love it!

Mia Lauren. said...

i heard about geocaching! i want to go do that -- if you get the app on your iphone, do you still need a gps??

Mimi said...

No, you don't Mia. The app isn't cheap either, per se.