Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It doesn't cost you anything except for 45 minutes. And let's face it - this is your choice: spend 45 minutes blog surfing and accomplishing NOTHING or spend 45 minutes taking this "reasoning inventory" and just for taking the assessment Birkman gives $10 to a worthy cause.

Here's the Blurb:

MetroLIVE and Birkman International, Inc® are partnering to raise $9,000 for Star of Hope Mission and LifeHouse Ministry. Birkman International is in need of research data for their new Reasoning Inventory Tool and has asked for our help. In return Birkman International will graciously give $10 for each assessment completed by Monday, August 3rd (THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED). MetroLIVE will donate 100% of these funds equally between Star of Hope Mission and LifeHouse Ministry.

In order to participate you will need:
  • 45 min. of uninterrupted time & a quiet environment
  • Paper & pencil (no calculator)
  • Computer, web access, and the following site and code:
    Authorization code: 46877322

Thank you for doing this survey!!

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