Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preparation and Anticipation

Since the hurricane season started, I've been pretty "indifferent" about it. But this time the stress is building and I'm trying to remain calm. I am praying for God's protection and I'm preparing the best that I can.

Have you seen the size of this thing? No matter where it hits Houston is on the dirty side! My grandmothers house floods and we've planned to get her out of there TOMORROW!! Do you know how stressful I find that? Why not TODAY? LEt's get prepared TODAY!!!!

Last night, I went to the grocery store and bought a good balance of healthy and junky. On my way home is when things started to sink in! The city had a police lead caravan of charter buses headed south to help people evacuate. And they were also VISIBLY preparing for contraflow. When you can SEE the preparation that's going into it and then you see the size of this thing...It's a little scary. Just a little.

I know we'll be okay! I know that we will. I'm going to have a house full and I'm going to make it a party!! If things go as planned, My aunt, my grandmother, My cousin Amy and her dog, my cousin Rosy and her girls, and my family (there's five of us and 4 dogs) will all be staying at my house.

Here is what is stressing me out:
  1. I want to get my gramma's house ready TODAY and get her ready to come to my house (or wherever she chooses to stay) tomorrow morning.
  2. Being at work unable to get my house ready for guests.
  3. Having enough food for everyone.
  4. The traffic coming home tonight! Talk about Post Traumatic Stress from Rita.

Really, it's just the anticipation that kills. I think we're going to be fine in my heart of hearts.

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