Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

So, I had a REALLY fun Valentine's Day.
  1. I spent the mornin' CHILLIN' like a VILLAIN! ;o)
  2. And then I went to a friend's wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL! And so fun! The bride and groom had a secret handshake before the kiss - very fun!
  3. The quotation tree turned out great! Here's the picture I promised.
  4. And to finish off the night I went to a SUPERB dinner hosted by the Mosaic Men. They went all out for us. Walked us in, served us, even had the strawberry syrup drizzled on the dessert plate. They even WROTE A SONG! Yeah...I know. After the dinner, we played some fun games. It was a fun night!


Mia Lauren. said...

did you handwrite the quotes,
or print them?

the finished product looks beautiful,
and i love that cinderella quote -- where did you get it?

Mimi said...

All the quotations were handwritten by yours truly! :)

I got all the quotations from this wedding book. It had them all over and Jacky, the bride, and I went over which ones she wanted.

Pretty sure that Cinderalla is from Drew Berrymore's Ever After.