Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pearly Whirly

I've been in a whirl wind of phone calls with the car shops!

My car, Pearl, is sick.

She's going to have quite a few repairs. Just when I thought the cracks on the windshield were annoying, I get this RATTLING sound that's pretty unnerving.

So the list:

Windshield - I guess I'll wait.
Alternator Pulley - NEED IMMEDIATELY
CV Boot - NEED IMMEDIATELY (when I turn the wheel it started clicking so replacing the boot is better than having to replace the joint)
Oil Filter Housing - Taking it to another shop on TUESDAY (I better not have to pay a dime for this or I'll be FURIOUS!)
Oil Change - needed but again waiting for Tuesday
Brake Fluid - not necessarily needed
Coolant Flush - not necessarily needed

Man, I'm so bummed!! But it's better to get it taken care of than to get stuck on the road!!

I've received some charity and I'm thankful!

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