Monday, June 29, 2009

When Mimi Met Zacc…

Growing up (High School & College), I always said that I would never ever in a million years have my own dog. They make a mess. You have to be on their tail constantly. If they’re puppies they’ll chew up your shoes and who knows what else. They pee. They poop. And not always outside. I thought I would never get one because we’ve always had one and honestly, I would get annoyed with our pets sometimes.

For whatever reason, in 2007 I started getting an itch. I didn’t only want a dog, I NEEDED one. I started saving money and made a list of requirements. Male, puppy (so we can grow old together), cute, white, perfect eyes, perfectly straight teeth, go to a breeder and pick almost a show dog (but not, because he was going to be mine and I’m definitely not going to go through the show business). Yes, the West Highland Terrier is what I had in mind. And I was being a TOTAL snob about it.

Then enter my brother's invitation to go to the pet shop at the mall on CHRISTMAS EVE of 2007! HOLY CRAP. Throw the saving idea out the window. Throw out the minor detail of the Westie and meet this seriously depressed looking Miniature Poodle. Add to that a request to hold the puppy and he fit perfectly into your arms…

I was determined that this was not the right time. I hadn’t even been saving for very long (or really not at all, specifically for this dog), this is definitely NOT a Westie nor are we at a breeder!! So, I gave him back and walked out. I don’t think I got 20 feet from the store when I realized that I could not live without this white puppy with the biggest eyes and the most crooked teeth and uber short legs. I couldn’t leave him there. I had to take him home and make him happy. So I went back and bought him. He came home with me and we celebrated Christmas together.

On his first Christmas, Zacc received rag quilt (perfect for his size), a little teddy bear, a hilarious jacket from my cousin, a home, and a name – Zaccheus.

Have you ever heard the story in the Bible of a Man named Zaccheus? Briefly, he was a tax collector. Wasn’t well liked. He was really short. When Jesus came to his town, Zaccheus climbed a tree so he could get a view of Jesus. Yes – he was very short. He was a wee little man. And since this little guy is a wee little dog, I named him Zaccheus.

Fast forward to April 2009. Zacc needs to be groomed. He’s not too bad, but he definitely needs a haircut. Our groomer ends up with tennis elbow and says - Sorry bout it. And I think - DANG IT! I REALLY LIKE YOU! April through June is like the busy season of the year for me. And now it’s practically JULY and Zacc could officially pass for a homeless dog! You can’t see the eyes that melted my heart. And EVERYONE thinks he’s overweight. However, he’s far from it -weighing a healthy 11 pounds! ;o)

Last week, I took some time off to help my mom with Vacation Bible School at my parents church and I thought, “WHAT A PERFECT CHANCE TO GET ZACC GROOMED AND UP TO DATE!” So, we stop by the vet on Thurs and schedule a Friday 8 am appointment at this not so great place. Before I leave the house I take a before picture of Zacc, excited to see what he’ll look like when I pick him up. When I get to this not so great place (15 minutes early in case I need to fill out any paper work for Zacc) I find out that the manager of this place forgot her keys at home! I stayed calm and politely declined to leave my dog with a random person and waited for this irresponsible manager. She gets there at 8:16 am laughing her tail off saying she can’t find her keys. Have I mentioned that this place OPENS at 7 AM? So it’s 1.25 hours past open time and the shop is STILL CLOSED! I asked for a corporate number to file a complaint and left. There was no way they are EVER putting their hands on my dog.

I tried again on Saturday at another grooming center and seriously went out of my way for it. And when I get there they tell me that the vaccinations need to be at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. That was information they could have shared over the phone!

Now it’s Monday, and Zaccheus still looks like this:

I finally got an appointment for Zacc on Wednesday at a place my friend recommended. It makes me a little nervous, perhaps not as nervous as a mother leaving her child at preschool, but I’m nervous. I liked Zacc’s old groomer.

I’ve been wondering all week, what did I get myself into? I love my dog and wouldn’t give him up now. I just didn’t know it was going to be this complicated. It had been so “easy” - Minus the peeing inside the house phase he went through. We're doing good though....doing real good. I'll post the after picture on Wednesday! (I hope to anyway...)

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jentmarie said...

Glad you updated! Yeah! Love the play list. Wanted to remind you of one thing: "grace". Love you!