Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This weekend the family got together at Crystal Beach for the 4th annual family reunion. To start, we took 3 hrs for an 80 mile drive! :o) This included a long stop for breakfast. Once we get to the actual house…everyone runs in to claim their room or bed. I think other families would actually have a layout of the house and assign who gets what, but this strategy allows for more chaotic and memorable experiences. Out of choice, I decided on a beach chair. I’m tellin’ ya…it was more comfortable than the beds that provided ZERO support. Add some cozy blankets and a fluffy pillow and Wham bam thank you mam – you’ve got a bed!
From there on out you’re up to whatever you please. On the porch, we hook up some music to some amps – let it blast and we DANCE. We build sand castles. The boys have their sand ball fight. It's all fun and games till - well, sand inevitably hurts when it's launched at you - someone cries!
In the evenings when everyone’s back in we play games. Catch phrase was the most popular this year! And we also play Loteria, which is the Mexican version of BINGO! There are prizes ranging from Bath & Body lotions & soaps to flashlights. All in all it was great!
There were really FUNNY moments that still have me laughing. I’m thankful for such a lovely family! I love spending time with them.

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