Saturday, January 26, 2008

Everything Such As

It is just about 8 pm and I'm getting ready for bed. My dear bed - how I have missed thee!

I try not to post about work, but my life has been "consumed" by it this week so I'll post. I'll provide some context to the following list by saying: I stayed about an hour from my house in a hotel. You might think it's silly, but I find it helpful. I've slept pretty hard, but still wake up somewhat tired in the mornings. Sitting/standing still isn't good!!

Things that were good this week:
  1. I got to see my friend! We were roommates this week.
  2. Work was pleasantly peaceful! Really, I'm EXTREMELY grateful!
  3. The party we planned for was great! (Heroes & Heroines - a fun theme!)
  4. I laughed hard! Really hard. Many times. Our boss has classic one liners and we got to play catch phrase. I saw some curious river dancing.
  5. I realized how good a life I have - outside of work, I mean. Not that I didn't know before, but sometimes it hits you. And you sigh...and thank God for his goodness. I have a family that loves me dearly. I was very happy to see them today. Hugs from people who love you are the best!
edit: work is fine. it was just a relief to come home. There's NO place, not ONE place, like home!

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