Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Wednesday Word: making wednesday worthwhile

chry·san·the·mum [kri-san-thuh-muhm] –noun
1. any of several composite plants of the genus Chrysanthemum, as C. leucanthemum, the oxeye daisy, having white ray flowers with a yellow center.
2. any cultivated variety of the plant C. morifolium, native to China, and of other species of Chrysanthemum, notable for the diversity of color and size of their autumnal flowers.
3. the flower of any such plant.

Okay, so it's an autumnal flower! Perhaps it would have been better to post this around October or November. HOWEVER, Chrysanthemum also happens to be on of my favorite children's books. When you read it you have to do the voices and when you read Chrysanthemum you HAVE to read it like this: Chrys-AAAAN-themum!

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