Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Wednesday Word: making wednesday worthwhile

Today, I will be using a Thesaurus!! I should rename today's Wednesday Word post to Wednesday Adventure!! It was a fun one...not anything extravagant per se, but SUPERB.

Main Entry: ace
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: expert
Synonyms: brilliant, champion, distinguished, excellent, expert, first-rate, great, master, outstanding, superb, virtuoso

Recently, we had a big thunderstorm here in Houston and it messed up our color printer here at work. I knew in the pit of my stomach that if they gave me the project of fixing it - it would work. Seriously the angels were singing and everything!!

So, my boss was working on it. That is just fine if I may say so. He worked on it all afternoon yesterday with a tech and was unsuccessful.

Today, my boss started working on it again and had to leave to an off site meeting and guess who got to take over? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited! Seriously I got to play with the coolest screwdriver and pull apart this color printer and put pieces back together and all that stuff with the instruction of non other than a CANADIAN! As he was giving instructions he would say out, about, and other words that I made a mental note to remember, but nonetheless they have escaped me. I spent all afternoon working on it and now…uh-hum (clear my throat) it is working! It's printing!!! I'm so excited!!!

My boss is a bit jealous. Because I'm a girl and I, the girl who shouldn't be playing with tools and such, fixed it! YEAH!!! GO HANDY WOW-man!

P.S. I mention Canadian, because I have a Canadian friend. The accent was fun to listen to.

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