Monday, April 21, 2008

Buon Compleanno!

Thank you family and friends for making me feel so special on my 26th birthday (April 19)! I have to say that this is probably my FAVORITE birthday yet!!

The festivities started at work on Friday with a nice lunch, cheesecake, a cupcake with a lone candle, and a hilarious card that probably tells the truth on me needing to “get out more.”
I was surprised by the Sunday school crew with a chocolate cake and a nice card on a little shin dig we had on Friday.

So – contrary to popular belief, I’m not big into HUGE parties for me. So the way my birthday was celebrated this year was right on the money. My family treated me to a picnic by the Bayou down Allen Parkway. There we ate, played catch, took silly pictures, and laughed a whole lot. There were these teen boys walking by with skateboards and I asked one to let me borrow his skateboard. His friends gave him the okay to talk to a stranger and he agreed. I took that skateboard to the top of the hill and rolled my happy self down a couple of times!

After the picnic my dad, my brothers and I went to an Astros game. That was a fun game! The only crappy part is that an out was called when it WASN’t a fair out. The really cool part was that I got to see Manager Cooper get in the Umps face about it and get kicked out. I got your back COOP! I got’ch’yer back!

I also got nice cards in the mail, lots of texts and several renditions of the Happy Birthday song!

So, that was my birthday. It was nice!

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