Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Delightful Surprise INDEED!!!

So, I'm really bad at taking pictures and posting them.

There are things that I want to show you, so writing it is like a commitment thing where I have no choice but to follow through. So here we go with the list:

  1. Craft Room Table. It is FREAKING awesome! Like the best, most perfect workspace.
  2. Sewing Desk. It's a desk that I bought for 15 dollars at a garage sale. It's super cute. I stripped it and painted it and bought glass knobs for it! (it's not exactly finished, but it will be VERY SOON!)
  3. Bias maker. I don't know if that's really what it is called, but OMG it's the best tool I have ever spent money on (other than my scissors) and it was less than FIVE dollars! LIKE OMG! Seriously, I saved so much time with that thing and it makes me so happy!!! And it makes my sewing look so much neater!
  4. Serger. CAN I JUST SAY - this is the DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE OF THE DAY!!!! So, I have my very own serger. And I've wanted one forEVER. Honestly - because it looks soooooooooooo cool! I have no idea how to use it. I will though, I will. It's the machine you use to keep your fabric from unraveling. I really wish that it was the super cool green one my grandfather had in his shop, but it's not. It's a white regular looking one, but cool nonetheless.
Last weekend, I lost my voice completely. I thought that I'd be able to work on projects and get better while I worked, but I was WRONG! I had no energy whatsoever. I watched movies, crocheted, read, slept UNTIL I REALLY COULD NOT TAKE IT ANY MORE! I am the worst sick person ever! It's pathetic. I whine because I don't feel good and also because I'm so completely bored!!!!! I know it's not supposed to be the happenin' thing...but I REALLY need to learn to sit still - or to be still...How they say in spanish: Tener Sosiego.

The one thing that I was happy I didn't miss while I was sick was the opening of the
Family Time Capsule! It was almost eleven years ago, Thanksgiving of 1997, that we made a time capsule. I was fifteen. There were lots and lots of letters from everyone. Some HILARIOUS and other really sad. It's strange to think that my grandfather was around. He had a letter in there too. The letter I wrote was mainly about how much I love my brothers and the description of my parents house. It also mentioned my crush from back then! That was hilarious. I'm certain that the time capsule idea will continue as a tradition. I'm excited about what the future holds and it will be nice to reminisce. Life is good - no one said it would be easy.

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