Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Big Russ & Me

So, as I've mentioned many times before, I LOVE to read! As a result, I tend to have more books than I can read at a time. I bought the book Big Russ & Me by Tim Russert LAST YEAR and I'm just NOW coming around to reading it.


It's an easy read. It's nostalgic. It makes you want to call your dad and tell him you love him! And it also makes you want to write down every possible memory that you have with your dad, so that a hundred years from now someone will remember the good times you spent with him!

For me - it reminded me of the road trips we took with my dad to San Antonio or San Jacinto, how my dad would put me on his shoulders as a little girl and jump rope, how my dad made me get back on a bike after having a horrible fall and said, "We're not quitters just because we skin our knees," how we finally told him to stop cooking eggs for us because we thought they were disgusting (ha ha ha, at least he tried). It reminded me of the time when my dad was teaching me to swim and the silly looking goggles he bought for me and how he went to every single orchestra concert I had growing up and how he tears up any time he's overwhelmingly proud of me or my brothers.

It makes me sad to think of the times I was embarrassed by him because I love him! (I'm crying now. ha ha!) What a great dad I have! He's truly amazing!

I'm not quite finished reading this book, but I will be in the next couple evenings when I get a chance to read....but I couldn't help myself - I YouTubed "tim russert" and found this video that I thought would be perfect to share with you!

p.s. My dad's birthday is this Thursday and I have an AWESOME surprise planned for him on Saturday. I will make sure to have my camera and tell you all about it. I seriously CAN'T WAIT! It's going to be great!


The Williams said...

Please tell you Daddy Happy Birthday for me. I sure do miss seeing him!

Nickie said...

Mims, you are too cute...it is great that you have so many good memories of your dad...very sweet.