Friday, October 9, 2009

Saying Hello To The New!

This week our newest family member came home. His official name, in my opinion, is Chandler Copper Chase Marquez (all the names we debated). However, he is not MY dog and I've had to relinquish my desire to keep the name Chandler in existence and let the rightful owner (my dad) name him whatever he chose. So, Copper...Copper it is. :o)

We are all very happy he's home. Zacc is so happy to have a playmate and loves his new role as "pack leader." Zacc's personality changed so much - it's WEIRD!

So here he is....Mr. Chandler Copper Chase Marquez!

The day we met the TRIPLE C!

The day we picked him up to take him home!

My gramma was really happy to meet him.

His first bath

The Copper Fro!