Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Rewards

When I was in college, I idealized my class. How all my students would listen when I said listen, sit when I said sit, walk in a perfect little line, and get perfect grades because they already know everything. I'm there to help them review to not forget.

But, the truth is that school doesn't work like that. And I like that isn't like that!

Today, I got the best note I have ever, EVER received from the students I've had/met. Remember my little buddy that gave me the warmest welcome on my first day? The one who got suspended before the day even started? And since then, I've been reasoning with him. On one of those occasions, I asked, "Do you understand why I'm saying this to you?" He replies, "Yes, sir!" To which I responded, "It's, 'Yes, ma'am." And his witty self said, "Well, you look like a man!" Hahaha! Okay, truth is I didn't laugh. I said to him that if he continues to be rude, he will end up a lonely man.

Well, the week before last, I was as sick as a dog. I woke up completely sick on Monday morning. I called in and slept the entire day. Hating to miss school, I woke up the next morning and braved it. I went to school...which only made it worse. I lost my voice completely. I didn't go to school the rest of the week. The week after that was Spring Break (which was AWESOME!) and so it was 2 weeks since I had seen my students. I missed them, but was scared of the unknown. What the heck will they be like when I get back?

They were ECSTATIC to see me. I didn't realize the extent of the excitement until I received this note from my little buddy.
You are the best and I like you and when you was sick I missed you and I thought you will never come back

but when you came in this morning I was so happy.

I showed some teachers and they asked how in the world I got it out of this kid? And I just smiled. They have no idea how much I pray for him specifically and how much I actually care!

This is a happy day! Very happy day!


Jen said...

Oh Mimi! So glad for this milestone! It's time for sure. Great news!!

jentmarie said...

I'm sitting in class smiling my face off AND crying at the same time. LOVE you. LOVE the power of the Holy Spirit and LOVE this news. YES! YES!! YES!!!

Mimi said...

I've been wondering how much rejection he would feel if I didn't come back? And I wonder how much he's already felt it in the short span of life he's lived already?

Wow! Wow!

I'm going to continue praying for my little buddy.