Thursday, May 27, 2010

School is Out for the Summer

Hey! I made it. From February 10, 2010 t0 May 27, 2010. Time flew right by! So fast that I have about three entries in my journal since I was hired. I'm a little sad about that because there is soooo much that happened - to backtrack would just be a bit tedious.

Anyway, yesterday we had our end of the year party and it was soooo much fun! Next year, I'm going to recruit more parent volunteers because they are sent straight from HEAVEN! They were so very helpful and I was VERY happy to have them there! We had pizza, a movie (A Goofy Movie), paper bag puppets, face painting, etc. If you want to help me next year - I'll recruit you too!

And the last day (today)...well, my kiddos were OFF THE CHAIN! OFF THE CHAIN!! We watched the Lion King. I returned a bunch of their old work for them to take home to play school with and also gave them worksheets that they could do while they are home for the summer. I remember liking that when I was kid. I always played school! But unfortunately, the last hour was not as fun as I would have hoped. I'm going to have to figure out how to keep my students a bit more calm next year cause I lost my cool the last hour...or maybe we could just have extended recess?!?

I thought I'd tear up because it was my first class and my teacher's always did when I was a kid...and because I'll admit - I'm a crier! And I didn't. :D

I'm proud of myself this semester. I cried only one time! ONE TIME! One time...and that was because one of my students cut another students ear. I didn't cry in front of them, but I took them to the lunch room and when I went to the teacher's lounge I let go of a few tears. The more experienced teachers said I'd be okay - and they were right! I was!

And so there it is...My first semester! I made it!

P.S. I told my class that we were having an end of the year test...Which was a joke and they thought I was clever. However, I really think I'll do a "test" next year. I think that they'll take it seriously and that will keep them occupied for quite a while!

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Jenn Beyer said...

way to go mimers!!! so proud of you!!!!