Saturday, August 7, 2010

THE 5k

I just wanted to report that I ran a 5k today with my friend Regina. It's the one that benefits the World Parrot Trust! :o)

Our goal was to RUN the entire thing. While the time did matter, I really wanted to RUN the whole thing. This did not happen! Why? Well, there was a hill (bridge) at the very beginning. The first ten minutes of any run are hard for me. Add a hill and you finish me! haha!

So, instead, we ran 1.55 and then went into 2-1 intervals.

Towards the middle of mile 2, I started panicking during the run because I couldn't seem to get a deep breath in. Thankfully, I got myself calm and all everything was fine.

Then we got closer to the end and we saw some girls with really fun shirts. One said: I GOT THIS! And the other said: I may be slow, but you're still behind me. Regina & I both agreed that while they are way cute shirts we had to beat them to the finish line!! HAHAHA!

And at the end, the hill that we had to climb at the beginning, helped us gain momentum on the way down for the finish. The girls with the cute shirts were behind us officially. I saw my family and heard them cheering us on. At that point I was SUPER close to crying! But I held it together.

We sprinted to the finish line and then Regina tells me our time: 37.07.

Enter Mimi's excited tears here! :o) I was really happy with the time! Even during our practice runs we run 3.1 miles at 39 minutes. The 5k in April I finished in 47 minutes.

I'm very VERY happy!


Jenn Beyer said...

GOOOOOD work, girl!!! Way to go! I'm glad someone else feels like crying at the end of races too...happens to me all the time!!! So proud...and so are the parrots! :)

Ulovebeth said...

Mimi! that is awesome! grab those goals, sista. :)