Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For the Love...

...OF LISTS!! Starting April 19, 2011 - my 29th birthday - I will begin checking things off my 30 before 30 list! 30 things to check of a list before the big Thirty, Flirty and Thriving Birthday!! (I can't believe it's a year from now! I hear 30 is the new 20!!)

  1. Prepare a 3 course meal and make it a party!

  2. Read my Bible from cover to cover

  3. Spontaneous Roadtrip

  4. Run a full marathon (please let it be the Houston Chevron Marathon!!)

  5. Write HANDWRITTEN letters to VIP's in my life

  6. Camp out on the beach

  7. Ride a tandem bike

  8. Paint Something(s) with purpose (like something someone would want to hang in their house)

  9. More Picnics Please

  10. Play in the rain

  11. Get a gym membership and use it (complete as of 4.4.11 - a head start)

  12. Get out of debt and stay out FOREVER AND EVER!! soooo close!

  13. Take family pictures

  14. Braces

  15. Submit cards to Hallmark (I've gotta figure out how)

  16. Begin learning about graphic design

  17. Attend a professional football game

  18. FINISH the DANG Christmas QUILT!!

  19. Write and illustrate a kids book - homemade books are so fun!

  20. Lose at least 10 pounds (no, i don't ALWAYS think I'm fat - yes, running is easier when you're lighter)

  21. facebook less - JOURNAL MORE! (not sure how to measure this)

  22. Parasailing! (been skydiving and paragliding...now I need to add water!)

  23. Run the San Antonio Half

  24. BUY A CAMERA AND GO PICTURE CRAZY! (yeah - I don't have one!)

  25. Take a trip to someplace where I can HIKE at an incline rather than flatness (most likely Guate!)

  26. Go to the Texas State Fair

  27. ZIP LINING!! (if I can manage jumping off the platform!)

  28. Plan and execute a FUN 30th Birthday Bash!

Okay - You noticed it's not finished. Maybe I'll do something cool, crazy or meaningful, add it to the list and then check it off! Does that count? Or maybe you could suggest something that is relatively inexpensive. 2 slots.

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shelly said...

i love everything you do. i am going to blatantly copy off of you and make a '30 after 30' list for myself! :)