Monday, October 3, 2011


When a new year approaches (like in October), I purchase a calendar. I haven't done it yet...because it's usually in later October that I get it. But anyway the point is not that I get a new calendar, but moreso that when I look through it the October of the following year always seems so much further away than it actually is. I've been looking at this years October with so much excitement and yet with slight weariness.

October always seems to be packed in tight. This year will be no exception.

It's already started with a BANG! My friend Valerie married the man of her dreams October 1. I spent the beginning part of the weekend hanging with friends and celebrating Val & Josh. The latter part of the weekend was spent with my aunt and uncle. They are on my top 5 most hospitable people list! :O) It's a serious gifting my aunt has. That I would have a pinch of what she has would be like hitting the jackpot for me.

Anyway - I'm going to make it a point to update this blog with the exciting escapades of this month's weekends!

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