Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A TV Episode

My mother recently went to get a coffee and biscuit at a nearby McDonald's. While she was there, the middle aged man in front of her ordered his food as if he was the commanding officer of a Nazi regiment. Quickly, the workers got his food together and presented it to him as if they were wilted petunias in direct heat of the afternoon sun. This man started barking: "WHY DID YOU GET MY ORDER WRONG? IT'S ALL WRONG! IT WOULD HELP IF YOU SPOKE ENGLISH! WE'RE IN F***ING AMERICA!"

As the staff scrambled to check the order, my brave mother says, "We are in AMERICA! THE LAND OF THE FREE!"

The man continued barking and my mother said it again a little louder: "WE ARE IN AMERICA! THE LAND OF THE FREE!"

After the McDonald's employees got things sorted it with the sour puss, my mother - with some serious pants on - walked up to the man and said, "Sir, she speaks English. Even a native English speaker could get the order wrong every now and then. You need to show a little more respect."

He continued with his "we're in America" speech, when a lady from the community, friend of my mother's who happened to be there, chimed in: "Don't ignore what she is telling you! These people are working. And the lady who is talking to you is a tax paying citizen. Just because they aren't white like us doesn't mean they don't deserve your respect."

The man left still fuming because those damn Mexicans screwed up his order. My mother and her friend (let's call her Suzy), who she met working the voting polls, continued talking about how appalled they were at his behavior.

Suzy asked my mom - Have you seen that show? What happened is just like that show!! What would you do? Where are the cameras?

Unfortunately, John Quiñones never showed up to relieve the misfortune.

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