Friday, November 30, 2012

Seasonal Crafting Galore

I used to think that it wasn't possible to teach and come home to do crafts. Since I started teaching, I felt like my creativity relating to crafts was zapped. I realized now that it wasn't necessarily was just that my energy level was at an all time low, there was none left over to think creatively. Sure - I had creative moments, but not so consecutively as I'm having them now. (Is my earlier bed time and freer schedule paying off? I THINK SO. On so many levels!!)

For Thanksgiving, one of my aunts asked if I would work on the table decor for the family gathering. I responded with a resounding, "ABSOLUTELY!" I quickly went to the nearest craft store (aka HOBBY LOBBY) and went to town. The most important thing on the list was BURLAP!

side note: Did you know burlap is incredibly affordable? And there's so much you can do with it!!

When I came home, I went to town folding and pressing what would later be the seam. On another day, I went over to my friend Ashley's house where I stenciled "GIVE THANKS" on the table runners while she spray painted walnuts into autumn's perfect gold. And finally, dusted off my old sewing machine and FINISHED!! (finishing a project is a big deal!!)

Thanksgiving day, I filled up some glass hurricanes with the golden nuts, put a secured candle inside, surrounded the hurricane with pretty fake foliage and VIOLA! a centerpiece. 

side note: Aren't my cousins GORGEOUS??? They can sing!!! Check out my favorite video of them here. And Hannah's website here. Her EP will be coming out soon!!

Then, I remembered that we've had silicon muffin pans that have literally been stored away for years in the shape of autumn leaves & pumpkins and a light bulb went off...ICE MOLDS!! The leaves were the perfect accent to what my family calls "Mimi's Crack Punch."

My favorite piece of "decoration" was centered around the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving! I used a burlap ribbon and fastened it to the corners of my grandmother's living room and asked everyone to write what they were thankful for.

Everything that was made I plan to use for years to come! I'm so excited about it all!! :o)

My Christmas stuff is coming along! I'll post pics of that soon too! :O)

p.s. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without my peeps. They are the people I for some reason or another revert to my ghetto talk. We don't ever talk like that in public, unless we're super comfortable. (If you've heard it, you are a priveledged individual!!)

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