Thursday, January 24, 2013

Since 2010, I've set goals for the year...A theme...a Bible verse, etc. Check out previous posts here.

It is January 24. My goals aren't set. So - for the love of tradition...I'll have them up by VALENTINE's Day. :o)

Looking at 2012 Goals....Here's how they faired:

Bible Verse: I memorized most of it. I'm terrible at memorizing scripture.

Picture: That face is perfect for 2012!! It was a happy one!! :O)

Theme song: That song takes me back to Guatemala. Being in the toddler house. Rubbing the kids backs and begging God to please send sleep to these precious little lambs quickly!! Those nights were rough, but they led to a deeper love of those kids and a greater appreciation for those who work with them on the regular.

1. Still working on reading my bible on a daily basis. I'm doing much better to date.

2. My time on Pintrest increased. However, I haven't just been pinning. I've actually made a lot of things...used advice...done some kick A$$ work outs. I mean...seriously.

3. Doing much better on making my bed. Still not on a daily sched though.

4. No more running for me. Until I figure out whats up with my left foot and right knee. I miss running like you wouldn't believe. I cry sometimes. Yeah - but it's okay. I'm okay.

5. I laid off the lists, but I'm back at 'em full force. It's incredible how dependent I am on them.

6. I didn't finish paying my student loan debt. However, It has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased. I have to scale back a little since I'm planning a wedding. :o) The loan will be paid off though - soon enough!!

7. uhm. Still. have. crooked. teef. :O) Yes. TEEF.

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