Monday, January 28, 2013

Going back...To Christmas

This is the first tree Greg and I decorated together! It is a smaller tree so it's up on my desk. I didn't have a tree skirt so I used some of the Thanksgiving decorations for Christmas! Love multipurpose items!!
I did add some presents under the tree and I've gotta say this wrapping is my favorite. I had an oddly shaped present to give away and no box that was adequate for it, so I didn't have any other choice to up-cycle the bag that came with it. I used a puncher and used some pretty ribbon I already had. Like I said - multipurpose!! LOVE IT!! :o)

Before school was out, I got a small little something ready for my kiddos. I read an excerpt from the Best Christmas Pageant Ever and gifted them the book and the CD.

My mom and I went to some shops in Tomball. She fell in love with one of the Christmas signs. Rather than spending an arm and a leg, I told her that I'd make one for her. I'd have Greg's help to do the assembly part...and then I'd paint it. And so it goes...we created some Christmas signs for my mom and extras to give as gifts.

This was one of my FAVORITES!! OMG!! So, I found this on Pintrest and had to try it out. It was funny to work in the kitchen, with spices, apple sauce and GLUE!! I can't remember who it was that was so shocked to know that I was putting GLUE in the food. HAHAHA!! These are cinnamon ornaments and they smell DIVINE!!! WOW! Super easy. Doesn't take long. Pop 'em in the oven...and your house will smell like Christmas forevermore!! :o)

 Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without treats!! Greg and I made two batches of these. Some of our friends had gotten engaged and there was an engagement party close to TWO ROUNDS of these babies! DELICIOUSNESS!! So thankful people like them enough to take them home when there's leftovers!! :O)

And last but not least! I started working on this maybe 3 years ago. No, it didn't take that long to make (although it's a serious time commitment...just not 3 years worth). I had cut all the pieces including the batting and had not made a plan for it. Well, when there is no vision the people parish...and my desire to complete this sucker had gone with the wind. I put it away and it wondered if it would ever finish itself! Since it never did, and it was taking up space I decided during Thanksgiving time, "IT'S NOW OR NEVER!!!!" I unstitched the crappy stitches I had started. Counted each square with tender loving care and made a plan. Once the plan was in place, it didn't take long! I got to enjoy it over Christmas!!! It's cozy!! :O)

Merry Christmas in January!! :O)

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