Friday, December 14, 2007

Checkity Check

It's always around this time of year that I am amazed at how fast time flies.

Tomorrow is SATURDAY!

A quick overview (of last weekend) -
  • Friday night: Went to see Gabi's Orchestra Concert. I was really impressed that they learned such a difficult piece in two weeks. I'm also extremely proud that she is SECOND chair! I could never make it to second chair. :o(
  • Saturday: Read for a while in the morning, cleaned the kitchen, went to gramma's for lunch and ended up taking the longest nap ever in my life. I must be tired or something because I'm not a napper. I went to see my cousin Mikey go from cub scouts to boy scouts. It was funny to see how "serious" he gets when he's in formation. My Tia Mimi worked hard on the "arrow of light." I need to get an example of that because it's serious work. Then, I met up with some friends at the Lights in the Heights. That was Christmas fun and festive. We went back to their house and had some soups - not that it was wintery cold outside.
  • Sunday: Went to LA IGLESIA and then had birthday lunch with Amy and Rosy (cousins), who turned 24!! And then went to watch Shane & Shane and Bethany Dillon. These people sound so much better live!! Something about recording in a studio that kills the edge of live music.

Wednesday Word: I've neglected it. But have not fear, it will be here (next week?). I have to get Jennifer to send me the quotation that is perfect to go along with the Wednesday Word. And guys: Check this out. Learn new words while feeding the hungry! Great way of combining charity with education! And speaking of words: Patricia posted this cool link about important 3 words. It's amazing!

And just for the heck of looking at a cute growing girl go check out Susanne's blog. Her daughter Lindsey is SUPER DUPER CUTE!

Merry Christmas!

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