Monday, July 14, 2008

Sad, Sad Day...

There are VERY few stores that I L-O-V-E going to and when I saw it burned down Sunday afternoon, I nearly cried. Listen - this place was amazing! Granted there are other locations, but this ONE particular location is dear to my heart. You can see it if you do a google map search and enter 2233 S. Voss, Houston, TX.

It was the Cornelius Nursery on Voss, next to the Texas Art Supply (another store high on the list). Cornelius is the Saturday or Sunday afternoon CHILL store. This is where I go when I need big TEXAS Hair ribbon or inspiration for decoration or gifts. I love going especially for Christmas!! Here, they knew me by name and they'd give me a friendly pat on the back to say hello. I paid for EXCELLENT customer service! It was like CHEERS, only no beer.

And now it's gone!

Rumor has it they will rebuild. As a creature of habit, it worries me that "my people" won't be there when it is rebuilt, that their stuff will be different, and that it just won't have that same hominess this ONE place had.

I will live.

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