Thursday, January 21, 2010


  1. I cannot, absolutely not, believe that there are only ten days left to the first month of the year!
  2. This girl has been working on her fitness and has reached her first goal! Can I get a WOOT WOOT?! Gonna keep at it!
  3. Kids keep me on my toes! You get kids in space, kids smack talking to each other, and kids kissing...As a teacher (or substitute teacher) you have to have what we call WITHITNESS! Alertness beyond measure. Discernment to figure out their next move before they take it. An OCEAN of compassion...that and patience! All that while TEACHING a concept! Prayer: Dear God, I cannot teach without your help! Please be near!
  4. My feet have been begging for mercy. I hope that their cuteness doesn't go away because I'm not being very nice. Just say no to SHOES that hurt!!
  5. I've socialized quite a bit, I've also rested a ton more than I imagined. It's pretty sad that despite the rest, I've managed to get sick again!! I'm a'ight! I'm a'ight!
  6. The Chevron Houston Marathon is one of my favorite things (as a spectator of course!!). I got to cheer on my friend Jeannie who ran her second marathon. KUDOS!!
  7. I haven't been GeoCaching yet this month. I need to make some time for it!!
  8. Uhm...The reading is going strong! A list for the month will follow.
  9. The next ten days are full!
  10. THE END!
P.S. I know I'm a bit early with the Valentine's header, but can I just say that I really like hearts, and red, and pink, and stickers, and GLITTER!! HA HA! I am indeed a GIRL!

P.S.S. Chivalry is INDEED ALIVE and well. I just wanted to give kudos to the dudes that practice it and hope to the girls that desire it!

Oooooh, And one more thing! My friend Laurie shared this on her blog and I can't help but share the wealth! (haha!)

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Anonymous said...

"Ax for your Thuggie today." Oh Mims. Thanks for the post, though. It totally made my week! Love you.