Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wow, February! Wow!

Who would have thought that February would start with such a bang!?

I'm currently praying for a 3.5 day weekend. Shhh...don't tell anyone - the prayer consists of steady drizzle in freezing temperatures....and safety for the "I don't know how to drive in freezing temperatures" Houston drivers.

And let the record also show, I'm expecting to build a snowman this Friday! I don't care how big (or SMALL) it turns out as long as I get snow....mmmmk. Thanks!!

My not so selfish thoughts have me wondering what in the world homeless people are doing to keep themselves warm. I remember hearing at the beginning of the school year of how some students in the district I work in are HOMELESS! Can you imagine being an elementary school student without having the security of a nice warm place to sleep? OMG! I can't!

So, along with my selfish prayers, I also pray that these little ones are shielded from the unforgiving gusts of pure COLD! That they and their parents wouldn't lose hope...

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