Friday, January 28, 2011

What goes around, Comes around...Part 2

Approximately 20 years ago, as fourth grader, I beat up a boy. Yes. It's true. I'm not proud of it, but it does make for a hilarious story.

We were on the school bus on our way home, and this kid named Chad (poor, poor Chad) wanted to have a friendly chat. I was in no mood for his antics and asked him to please be quiet. And then, I wasn't so nice and said that if he didn't shut up I'd beat him up.

He didn't believe me and he continued to talk. So, when we got off the bus, I made sure the bus turned the corner and then I charged him. I ran up to him, pushed him to the ground, and started punching him as if he were a lifeless flour sack. I went to town until his glasses flew off...

I know - it's AWFUL! I was a coward and ran off for fear that he'd hit me back or worse - I'd get caught fighting!!

Anyway, poor Chad wanted to make amends by giving me one of his mother's rings. I accepted.

The only problem was how in the world I was going to present this to my MOTHER!! A boy gave me a ring, because he's really sorry he annoyed me so much I beat him up!? No. Absolutely not. No, I chose this story instead:

Mom, look at what I found on the playground!! Isn't it pretty? I was on the swings and I saw something shimmer, so I jumped off and found this.

Well - I should have checked in with my older brother before telling this tall tale because just as my mom is gushing over this beauty, he waltzes in blowing my poorly executed cover: MOM - DID YOU SEE WHAT CHAD GAVE MY SISTER?

hahahahaha!! OMG - I had dug my own grave. I had to spill the beans - How I beat him up. How he felt sorry. How he gave me his mom's ring! And then on top of that, I was escorted by my mom to return the ring and apologize to him and his mother!

Fast forward to TODAY:

I walk into class today and I'm so excited to see that my students have worked on their 100 day projects (posters they work on that show 100 somethings). I notice that one particular poster is creating quite a buzz, but didn't really make out what anyone was saying. So I take a closer look and realize that my Curious George puzzle is on this kid's poster!!

Once his sister finished helping him settle in with this gigantic poster, she leaves and I begin to probe.

Even the other students, when they saw this poster, began wondering with quizzical expressions - Ms. Marquez, isn't this YOUR puzzle?

Me: Oh, look! How interesting! I had a puzzle like that. I can't seem to find it.
Student: Oh really?
Me: Yes, don't you remember it? I usually have it right here and look - it's missing.
Student: Well, I found this one outside.
Me: Really? Where exactly?
Student: You know...I was outside playing and then I see these puzzle pieces all spread out in the grass. So I picked them up and took them home.
Me: Wow - what are the chances?

I step away and continued on with the morning routines like nothing had happened. I asked the kids to line up to go to the restroom and just BURST into laughter!! I told my kids: Life is HILARIOUS! It's so interesting how things come full circle. You remember that! They all begin to laugh only to ask: What's so funny?

He had no idea that while he was enjoying his time in P.E., I was calling his grandmother to "check in" on things. How this will be handled from here, I'm not quite sure.

But just know...that everything I ever did as a child is coming back to haunt me. It makes LAUGH!

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