Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - The Year of Wonder

2010 Recap- It was the year of conquering and while I don't feel like I did much conquering per se, I know that there's been a lot of progress. For instance, I went from being jobless, to working at the mall and being a substitute teacher, to working as an elementary school teacher! Is that progress or what?

I went from a complete inability to run (okay - I could run for only 3 minutes when I first started - it should count for something!!) to run the entire loop at Memorial Park, plus some with the right pacing. That progress to me is kind of unbelievable!! Me - run? Never!

And I went from wanting to go to Casa Bernabe to actually GOING to Casa Bernabe!!

There's plenty more, for sure, but these are my favorites!! Why? Because I did none of it on my own. All of these big accomplishments remind me of really special people in my life. They remind me of how blessed BEYOND measure I am. My cup runneth over!

Moving on to 2011....


I don't know if it's just life and you get busy or jaded or both...but it's easy to stop to looking at people, things and situations - the amazing things God has created and done - in wonder. For instance, the fact that I'm moving my fingers to type this in itself is seriously wonderful! My legs are crossed and my right foot is bobbing up and down without even paying 2 bits of attention to it while I'm typing - Incredible right? So that's what I'm talking about - I want to deliberately enjoy every scent, every sight, every sound, every TASTE (I LOVE FOOD!!), and every EVERYTHING life has to offer! Yes - and even when it hurts, I want to feel it on purpose knowing that my God is sovereign!

Theme Verse for 2011:
Many, LORD my God,
are the wonders you have done,
the things you planned for us.
None can compare with you;
were I to speak and tell of your deeds,
they would be too many to declare.

Psalm 40:5
Theme Picture for 2011:

I watched Tangled with my cousins and I think I seriously gasped whenever the lanterns were all around her! This captured this year's theme: WONDER!

Theme Song for 2011:

Go Outside, Robbie Seay Band
I seriously love this song!! I've been listening to it for over a year...still not old!

Goals for 2011:
  1. Read at least one book a month. I'm currently reading Pastor Gregg's book!
  2. Run at least 2 half-marathons. Maybe more? Running is something I'm going to keep up with regardless of whether I sign up for races or not. I never thought I would love it this much! Feel like you're getting into a funk - GO RUN!
  3. Pick up weight training...or rock climbing! (I hate weight training!!)
  4. Make it back to Guatemala. I'm planning on going for ~5 weeks this summer. I'll tell you more about it. Be praying about this - please!
  5. Get braces. Stuff like this is supposed to happen when you're a teen not when you're practically 30 years old. But whatever - I think I'm going for it for my 29th birthday. If not my birthday - I'll kick of the summer with several visits to the orthodontist!

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