Thursday, June 5, 2008


I'm finally home. It's a reason to celebrate. My schedule will now be SANE! I went to DC this past week. It was as I imagined...busy with little sleep. It was good though - really good. I know...Perhaps I should elaborate.
  1. We were SUPER prepared. It seemed as though, no - more like we WERE really behind! And then, we ended up ahead of schedule. We didn't have to come in for Memorial Day weekend if we didn't want to (no that's not exactly true), but I went ahead to get one of my least favorite tasks out of the way.
  2. We had a great turn out at the meeting and have had great results to our ASK on the Hill.
  3. We were pretty much packed up the day before we were scheduled to pack...which made it an even breezier packing day in DC.
  4. I slept well...except for 2 nights. I know I just said little sleep...but sleeping well is different from the amount of time you get...make sense?
  5. Three of us went for a walk to the Jefferson Memorial the day of our departure early one morning.
  6. The WEATHER was amazing...except for on our closing dinner cruise down the patomac...and when Jennifer had to go on a Staples Run (then it was not so great).
  7. (edit**adding number 7) Okay - So I have a new favorite restaurant. OMG! Seriously amazing!!! Go to Ceiba! You won't regret it.
Why home is so sweet:
  1. Zaccheus. OMG. So adorable. I ♥ him!
  2. Hugs from people I love from the bottom of my heart...and they love me too.
  3. My pillow and my bed.
  4. No pressure...sanctuary.
  5. Church - I miss it.
  6. OMG I could go through the list of my possessions. My theory is what you have should be your favorite {fill in the blank} . And I have lots and lots of favorites...and I get all giddy and happy when I get to see these favorite things!
You know what's basil didn't make it. I was away for a week and my basil is DEAD! This is try number 2. What haunts me is that STUPID STUPID movie: 28 days. In that movie someone says that if you can't keep a pet or a plant alive then you aren't ready for a relationship. Pretty sure that if my family wasn't able to help me care for Zaccheus that poor dog would be a bone.

Enough...This is so random and it has no structure really...I'm just happy to be home.

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Mia Lauren. said...

i love the part about the plants and the dog :]