Saturday, June 7, 2008

Followthrough #1 - The Table

Okay, I made a promise. And I'm keeping it. Here's Promise #1: The Craft Room Table.

View A: When you walk in, you see the full effect of the table when in use. Look at Zaccheus trying to steal the show. (yeah, still no flooring. don't hate.)

View B: The Birdseye view. Ooohhh, look at how nice it is!!!!
View C: Looking up. This is the signature of authenticity. It was hand made. Yeah. Impressive, right?

So, I'm totally excited because I have a finalized vision for this room. Those curtains are going BYE BYE! I'm in search of the perfect BLACK curtains.
The room will consist of these colors:
  • White (and variations of...)
  • Silver (accents)
  • Brown (wood - the chairs, table, and old school desk)
These colors don't seem like the likely combination, but ooooh JUST you wait. I can't!!!

Just cause, I want to show you the old school desk - or the reading corner.
On the chair, I have a blanket that I crocheted and a little blankie my grandmother made for me. To the side of the chair I have a basket full of my favorite magazines EVER! And I want to get rid of the thing beside the basket, but I haven't decided I'm ready to let go yet.


JMT said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! I can't wait to come over and get creative on this table. Hand made is really special. I LOVE the sawhorse legs. SO COOL! I'm totally jealous.

Mike said...

Wow Mimi, that table is very nice, and signed by the author! hahaha...
Did you train your dog to be photogenic????
posing for the picture!!!

Jenn Beyer said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the table!!