Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Wednesday Word: making wenesday worthwhile

dis·gust [dis-guhst, di-skuhst]
–verb (used with object)
1. to cause loathing or nausea in.
2. to offend the good taste, moral sense, etc., of; cause extreme dislike or revulsion in: Your vulgar remarks disgust me.
Spanish: asquear, repugnar
3. a strong distaste; nausea; loathing.
4. repugnance caused by something offensive; strong aversion: He left the room in disgust.
Spanish: asquear, repugnar

I feel disgusted when I can’t keep up with a fun feature for my blog!
I chose the word because the definition is so freakin descriptive. It reminds me of when someone looks at me when they are upset with me. (I know ridiculous!)
So, Uhm, yeah. What a week!

Last week, I took some time off to help my dad’s church with Vacation Bible School. I did the decorations, helped my mom with crafts, and had 14-17 year olds in my class. It was fun, busy, and a nice time to take a break from work – you know, change of scenery.

So that schedule has messed me up so much, and maybe it’s not the schedule. Instead, it may be that I got just a tad bit worked up about coming back to work knowing there’s a load to do to meet deadlines. Regardless, starting Saturday night there have been three nights in a row that I’ve been unable to get REAL sleep. I’ll admit that ONE night was my fault! It was totally my fault. But one night I was WIDE AWAKE like….laying there with my eyes WIDE OPEN until 3 am, ladies and gentlemen. 3 am. Three hours of sleep on a full schedule is not cool. The previous nights I had maybe 4 hours, but wow. I'm a DISASTER when I don’t sleep.


Today started like this.

Mom: Mimi, look at this. I cannot take the pain anymore. (she’s crying)
Mimi: What’s going on with your eye?
Mom: I don’t know but I’ve scheduled an appointment for 10 this morning to see the eye doctor. Can you take me?
Mimi: OF COURSE! Let me call work.
Okay, so my mom’s eye was EXTREMELY red and swollen. SCARY!! It turns out that she has a paper cut like “scratch” in her eye. She was working in the yard and had a plant whack her in the face. Okay, so THEN, after the doctor’s appointment, we’re headed out to the car, ready to go home and my brother Tim is escorting my mother who is wearing a patch over her eye and who is SO uncomfortable, and, yeah, I have a flat! Had this been yesterday, I would have cried.

Instead, I was reasonable and started to work on getting the tire changed, thankful that my mom is inside and not outside in the heat. I don't think I really knew what I was doing - regarding the tire changing business, but I had a PRETTY good idea. So, I get the jack out and start clicking it up…or however you call that (jacking it up?) and this guy comes out of nowhere, says, “I can take care of this ma’am!” He takes out my puny jack and uses his amazing jack (I need to invest in one like his) and changes my tire, and leaves before I could give him an exuberant thank you and offer him any money. (WOW is all I have to say about that! That was really nice.)

Really, it was amazing that I got to work at 1 pm this afternoon and that I met my “deadlines.” There’s still a lot to do, because it doesn’t ever end, but Wow. I’m so incredibly thankful I got rest last night because I wouldn’t have made it.
And OMG! Yesterday, I met up with some people at a baseball game, but I rode up there by myself. LIKE BY MYSELF...can you imagine if I was on my way home from the game in DOWNTOWN HOUSTON by MYSELF and had a flat then?

Like I was told once: Life is timing!

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