Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shampoo Less?

Americans love to shampoo. We lather up an average of 4.59 times a week, twice as much as Italians and Spaniards, according to shampoo-maker Procter & Gamble.
But that's way too often, say hair stylists and dermatologists. Daily washing, they say, strips the hair of beneficial oil (called sebum) and can damage our locks.

-Allison Aubrey, NPR

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Regardless of what they say, I'm washing my hair! Okay? Okay. Glad we got that settled.


amberburger said...

haha...well i think i live in the wrong country or maybe i am one of the ones that makes the average less than 7...i dont wash my hair makes it harder to do! heheh..this post made me laugh!

Mimi said...

Amber, Is your hair curly? It has curls in it right? And you have a ton of it makes sense.

I hear that if you want to do an up do, unwashed hair is best. But really how often do I wear my hair up?

Jen said...

My hair stylist told me the same thing. In Denver it's more of a necessity because it's so dry here. I still have a mental block about skipping a day though...