Monday, October 18, 2010

Eat, Drink & Be Merry?

I have found that I'm am stress eating and drinking Coca-cola as though it is going to save my life. There are a lot of changes at school and a lot of deadlines. Change, whether good or bad, is change and something to get used to. Deadlines are not really an option. As a result, my my social life is becoming slimmer and close to nonexistant, I'm eating myself to being happy. Or at least for the moment I'm eating.

I was telling my mom that I'm not sure why I'm eating JUNK and why I'm drinking Coke, because even though it makes me feel so comfy and safe at the moment, I end up hating myself for it...Or at least being upset because I can't run like I did 2 weeks prior. The amount of energy I have changes too - and my ability to sleep well. Everything is screwed up because I am stressed and feel the need to eat and drink things I know have a negative effect on me.

Yes - everything in moderation....but when it's a daily's a problem.

This cycle sucks and I need to figure out how to break it before I can't fit into my clothes and go into a long term funk!!

I need to stop whining - and make it happen!! I have the priviledge of having a career that I longed for way back when... I have to take the days as they come and plan ahead!! :o)

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Emily said...

My drink is coffee...but why do i do it to myself? these days i eat rice and drink nutrition level and energy is going down by the second. :(