Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 Before 30 - Update

Hi! I wanted to let you in on what I've done so far:

Goal #3. Spontaneous Roadtrip.
The weekend of my birthday, I took a random unplanned trip to Matagorda, TX. My original plan was to go to Galveston for the day, instead we met up with some family and had an AWESOME TIME! We are definitely going to do it again!!

I also took a short trip to visit Susanne's Family to celebrate Lindsey's 4th birthday. I shouldn't have it count because I didn't get to stay long! :o(

And I just got back from a road trip with MIS AMIGAS! Sure, this wasn't spontaneous per se. But we were pretty spontaneous while we were there, so it counts!! We went to Fort Worth to visit our friend Valerie who recently got engaged. I am so excited for her and Josh - I mean he has to be amazing to have won Val's heart!! (They have the cutest story ever!!)

Goal #5. Write HANDWRITTEN letters to VIP's in my life.
I've written 2 of 15. They take a lot of thought!! :o)

Goal #19. Write and illustrate a kids book - homemade books are so fun!
Originally, I was going to write a little random story and illustrate it. I actually have a little poem that I'd like to add to to make a book out of...but anyway - I digress.

Some of my friends became foster parents not too long ago. When I met their little baby, my heart literally melted!! Not long after they welcomed the baby home, she ended up in the hospital. I was sad and scared. I prayed for her and wanted to do SOMETHING!! ANYTHING!! So, I stayed up one night and wrote it in about thirty minutes with an idea of what I wanted the illustrations to look like.

Thankfully, the baby is health and at home! Once she was okay, these same friends go out of town for two weeks asking me to house sit for them. I found that not being at home helped me focus on some projects I wanted to get done including this one. In one night, I got illustrations done. Another night, I did the detailing. And on another night I added the carefully written text.

Unfortunately, I am not going to share this book with you here...except for the cover. Just trust me when I say, that it is a sweet and special book.

Goal #20. Lose at least 10 pounds (no, i don't ALWAYS think I'm fat - yes, running is easier when you're lighter)
HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL!!! I'm going backwards! In the last month I've packed on extra pounds. I'll blame it on stress and lack of meal prep and some health issues I hope straighten out soon. Summer break is one week away and I will work extra hard in the month of June to do something about this!!

As a launch to this MONUMENTAL endeavor (yes -'s HARD!), I am doing an at home Biggest Loser Challenge by myself. I have some friends to keep me accountable. Every time I weigh in, I will take a full length picture of myself in the same work out clothes...and also one of my face. Will I post these pictures online, you ask? Well, I'll post the ones of my face! :o) I'm not as brave as the people on the Biggest Loser. And, my face does show change...

Here is day one (May 29) after a sweaty work out:
Welp, that's all for now folks! More to come later!! :o)

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