Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fight For Air Climb - May 21

Today, with two friends, I climbed 48 flights of stairs. Using the First City Tower fire escape, the American Lung Association set up a race that was harder on the lungs than it is on the legs.

My first mistake was starting off too fast (ok - if we back track a little more, I didn't train very well at all...). So, yes, I started off too fast. By the 5th floor I was not only out of air - I was becoming desperate for fresh air. The desperation was making me feel as though I just might pass out!! This fire escape doesn't have circulated air so you're breathing the stank of the people that have gone before you and those who are quickly passing by you!! There are also no windows so you really feel like there is no escaping this...

From then on, I stopped for water at every rest stop which was every 10 floors. I stopped one more time that wasn't a rest area...

Mistake number 2 - I don't know how y'all do with races and stuff like this...but I usually don't eat all the energy stuff that everyone talks about. From what I hear, people love that stuff...and fruit too...and whatever else. For me, if I eat during a work out, it'll come back to say hello. I ate one slice of an orange, because I was desperate for fresh AIR and an orange looked as fresh as anything I could get. I was feeling queasy afterwards though - it really sucked!

Then I finally made it to the top!! And I was surprised that it did go by faster than I imagined...and that my legs could've done more...

Breathing though - that's what makes this climb such a fight!

Would I do it again? Hmmm....I'm not sure. I think I like running outside more than I liked the enclosed space... I'm glad I did it. It was a good experience.

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