Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A World of Wonder

Today, I laughed with a lady who mistakenly came into my classroom twice! She's not usually "zoned" to my classroom. The mistake reminded her of one of her dreams coming true.

She lived in a garage apartment with her daughter. It was small and cramped. They shared a small bed that she pushed up against the wall to make sure both of them fit without falling out. She prayed over and over for a house....

Finally she got it. It was a 3 bedroom, one bathroom home. She said that when they first got there, she and her daughter would fall over laughing because they'd get LOST in the house!

I tell my mom often, while I am thankful that I have what I have, I miss the newness of things. Not that things grow stale, but that the sense of WONDER sort of fades. That is unless you take time observe the things God has created or help someone else experience new amazing things! That is probably better than having that feeling yourself. (This is very true!)

Do you have a WONDER Story? Here's mine:

I grew up with very little. However, my brother(s) and I never felt like we went without - thanks to my wonderful parents who made stuff grand for us.

So, anyway, my parents decided to splurge one year and take us to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo! We had never ever been and didn't really know what to expect. The Astrodome was humungous and I remember feeling pretty cool about the whole thing. We watched all the Rodeo stuff and then it was time for the concert part of the event....and the dome started to RUMBLE! All of a sudden we heard: "Ladies and Gentlemen, We present to you.....*rumble, rumble*....WILLYYYYYY NELSOOOOON!!" Fireworks went off everywhere!! My brother and I got out of our chairs hugged each other and cried the happiest tears any kid could cry. We had no idea who Willy Nelson was or whether we'd actually like his music, but nonetheless we were very happy! We leaned over to our parents and told them how happy we were and how much we loved them.

It's so funny to think back and see how excited we were to see Willy. I'm happy to have that experience and many other like it. I'd have to say that this is one of my favorites.

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