Thursday, May 5, 2011

19 Days and counting...


All I can do right now is keep breathing! There is A BUTT LOAD to do before the year ends! You're wondering what - well let me tell you:

1. Stanford Testing
2. Field Trip
3. G/T Expo
4. Science Fair

Yes - You're wondering what the heck we're doing waiting until the end of the year for the Science Fair...I'm wondering the same thing myself. But I'm excited about it since my class is going to explore in greater detail the world of BUTTERFLIES!! (ok - i'll be honest and say that I'm just barely getting excited about it as I was typing this...)

Today, I'm still at school at 7:30 pm on one of the most festive days in the state of TEXAS!! Why? Well, I'd rather be here covering up everything for the Stanford Test we have next week and start putting things away during the week than having to do it on a festive FRIDAY and restful SATURDAY!

I started by feeling overwhelmed and I freaked out and honestly got mad about something stupid...seriously stupid...but I channeled it and I see progress!! YES! I love it!!

Thank you Pandora Radio's Quick Mix of my stations for giving the perfect soundtrack to a working night!

With that my friends I say good night! This teach is goin home to a tastey dinner and a good book. There was enough work done today!

(This post seems like I have the case of logorrhea. I'm sorry - wait - no I'm not!)


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