Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Wednesday Word: making wednesday worthwhile

shlumpadinka • \shlum-puh-DINK-uh\ • noun
: a woman who dresses like she has completely given up on herself and it shows : a dowdy and unstylish woman

Example Sentence: There you are running out to get the paper looking like a shlumpadinka. —Oprah Winfrey (April 27, 2007)

Did you know?"I have to practice not looking like a shlumpadinka on the air," said Oprah Winfrey on her eponymous show, broadcast April 15, 1997. Oprah has occasionally separated shlumpa and dinka, the constituent parts of the word, for emphasis: "You are watching right now in your sweats...the same sweats you had on yesterday and the day are a shlumpa and a dinka and you know it!" Oprah has also used the word shlumpadink to refer to a masculine subject, although this form is somewhat less frequently heard. Oprah has often used shlumpadinka attributively to modify another noun, as in "It's my shlumpadinka shoes!" or "You're watching me right now in your shlumpadinka pajamas." Merriam-Webster's editors believe that the word is influenced by schlump, a word of Yiddish origin meaning "a sloppy or dowdy person."
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Okay - I cheated! I stole this from HERE!! No, actually SHE told me to do it!!

Hope you're not looking like a shlumpadinka! :o)

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