Sunday, February 3, 2008

YAY! part 2

After seeing a really fun project on Heather Bailey's site, I decided Pearl needed a seasonal update.

Saturday ended up being pretty busy. Took a short trip to Navasota to meet with Suzy. Afterwards, I picked mom up since we both planned on being crafty this weekend. And then, we started running out of time because there was a party to go to. Well, as I mentioned before, sometimes I literally, stop, drop and ROLL with it. I started the project at the party. *blush* In my defense, it was not the most happenin' party I've been to, per se.

The Cranes:Work in progress...(Thanks to Tim, my bro.)
ha ha ha - side note: I just thought - looking at these pictures - of a man at a toll booth who said to me, "Smiling is free!" I'm so "serious!"
Final products:Detail on the dangley heart:


Jen said...

Stink that the pictures aren't working. I can't wait to see them - especially the one that warranted the toll booth guy quote. :)

Jen said...

Those turned out so cute!! Where are they on display?

Jenn Beyer said...

you're the most creative person I know!!!!