Saturday, February 2, 2008


Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy the Valentine's Season? True it can be over the top & perhaps overrated, but I love the displays when you walk into little shops like Cornelius, Another Place in Time, HALLMARK... Nevermind the cheesy white bears with the heart shaped red paws, but WOW for the RIBBONS and hearts and just pure merriment!

I like to put little rearview mirror decor things on Pearl (my car). For the fall & winter, I've had paper cranes. Those are coming down so Pearl can sport one of these!

I'm so excited about making it!! You can make one too if you'd like. Visit Heather Bailey for instructions.

P.S. A new header is coming soon! I'm excited about showing it to you.

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Jen said...

You have to post pictures of one of them once they are made! Have tons of fun today!!