Monday, November 21, 2011

Plain and Simple

So - this week is Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for a whole lot. I don't have to post it anywhere to prove it. Although, if I come up with a list I'll post it. (After all - I do LOVE lists!)

I just wanted to say on this hot and humid week of Thanksgiving...some things in life are plain STUPID! That's my bottom line today. Some things are just STUPID!

What can you do about stupid? NOTHING! Absolutely, positively NOTHING! Just smile.

Pretend you LOVE the stupid things in life! Pretend that this STUPID thing makes you're heart skip a beat! Pretend that STUPID is your new mantra! Pretend that STUPID is your slice of pie! Pretend that your flavor of STUPID is the new pumpkin spice!

YEAH! Let me hear it! STUPID! I love STUPID! STUPID makes coffee nervous!

(No, but for real - whatever this is on my to-do list is STUPID...or I'm taking CRAZY pills! I'm okay. I promise. See....:)....I'm smiling!)

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