Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving #8-12

So...This is where I can't keep up. This isn't date accurate anymore, but I'm still thankful for this stuff:

8. I'm thankful for my Tia RosaMaria's visit to Houston. Not only have I gotten to see her cheery self, she also made us the most delicious enchiladas!

9. I'm thankful for unexpected surprises. The good kind. (I mean - really - who likes a bad surprise?!?!?) I'm talking like a visit from someone you weren't expecting to come. Yes. It makes me happy!! My brother came to church with me. :o)

10. I'm thankful for the perfect amount of events in a weekend. After having a full October, it's SO stinken' nice to CHILL and have no good excuse to go to bed at 8 pm on a Saturday. say? I think NOT! I think an 8 o'clock bed time is a DREAM COME TRUE! It doesn't happen often.

11. I'm thankful for being able to be technologically literate. One of my biggest fears - okay so "FEAR" is too strong of a word - but I'm really afraid of being the one person in a room that doesn't understand how to do a simple activity on a phone, a computer or something techy.

12. I'm thankful for design. It is amazing how something people create take your breath away or makes you think of how you can improve you're own work. Personally - I love creating stuff for school in word.

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