Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanks for noticing...

Up until I was 23, I had beautiful skin. No spots. No blemishes. Clean. Beautiful. Like really, super nice, skin. It was nice while it lasted...Wish it had lasted a bit longer, but my inner teenager decided to come out and my face broke out not quite to pizza face, but close.

I'll have mountain ranges on my face for months at a time. They'll go away for a short time and then come back like the revenge of the HIMALAYAS!

Today, I woke up with Mount Everest on the bridge of my nose and various other majestic mountaintops on my face. On top of that - I chose not to wear make-up. (Something I don't do anymore. My students haven't seen me without it.)

Well, I have really inquisitive students...One in particular who doesn't seem to have many reservations:

"Ms. Marquez, what happened to your face? Did a ball hit you on your nose?"

My response: "Thanks for noticing what's different on my face this morning. Let's focus on our work."

So there you have it...I have a PIMPLE face.

And thankfully - I don't struggle with insecurity on that front...or else...I would've never told you this incident and how much this made me laugh (on the inside!).

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